Here are some of the stories we've discovered...


Client request: I would like to know more about my Irish ancestors but where do I begin?s?”

Irish records can be overwhelming. Our experience researching in Ireland, understanding the history and the jurisdictions (County, Poor Law Union, Barony, Parish, Townland) was just the help our client needed! With a few consultations our client has been happily researching their Irish ancestors for months and have a trip planned to meet new found cousins!


Client request: "Inmate records were destroyed in a flood, however, I would love to know anything about my grandmothers experience while at the New York State Reformatory for Women in Bedford Hills, New York? "

New York can be a difficult state to locate records as county names and boundaries have changed over the past few hundred years. It is even more challenging when records have been destroyed. For this project we searched correctional facility reports, penal code documents and even interviewed a local historian. We provided a narrative report (with pictures!) that allowed our client to discover their grandmother’s journey at the reformatory. Details such as the physical layout, intake process and daily training courses that were intended to develop inmates “energies and talents” helped fill the void of missing documents.


Client request: "I never met my father. I only know his name, however, I want to know as much as possible about this line of ancestors, can you help?"

Our client had searched on and off for years to locate information about their father and his extended family. Through careful research and documentation, we were able to provide our client a family tree with full branches.