Here's a sampling of some of the stories we've discovered...

NY state reformatory.jpg
Client request: "Inmate records were destroyed, but I want to know what life was like for my grandmother while she was at the New York State Reformatory for Women in Bedford Hills in 1927? "

New York is known to be one of the more difficult states to search for records, and it's even more difficult when records are not preserved. In this case we used creative research strategies, such as reading correctional facility reports and penal code documents, as well as interviewing historians. We provided our client with a written report that included valuable information about inmate sentencing, daily routine and parole.

Client request: "I never met my father. I only know his name, however I want to know as much as possible about his family history, can you help?"

Our client had searched on and off for years to locate any information about their father and his extended family. Through careful research and documentation, we were able to put names and dates to the blank boxes on our clients family tree. It's rewarding to provide this type of meaningful information to families.